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Hate is a curse word in my home

I really need to talk about this racial incident that I seen at the Dunkin Donuts the other day getting a coffee.
The cashier was a very beautiful young well spoken Indian girl. And I don't mean well spoken as in her accent, the way she spoke was very elegant. A middle aged white man ordered a meal and an additional coffee. He was arguing with her about the total & she was explaining it to him very simply and it made complete sense. Spite his tone she kept calm and smiled. The part that bothered me the most with him was when he said "I don't know where you're from but where I'm from x amount of money doesn't equal x amount". Not that this matters but she was clearly American and for him to be so racist sickened me. It took a white gentleman to explain to him he was looking at the wrong prices on the board. Which on a sidenote is a teacher at the high school I graduated from. It was very nice that Mr. Mills jumped into this situation but it's a shame that that man has that kind of hatred in his heart and this girl probably has to deal with ignorance like that all the time. I hope she's proud of herself because I admire her strength.

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